OK, Stupid...

I raised the camera to accentuate my jawline and conceal my lower body. Hawt! Woo!
So I posted a fake OK Cupid profile to poke fun at everyone's impossible standards...funny thing is, I've gotten more messages than ever. Go figure.
You can take a peek here.
It's extra funny-cos-it's-true if you're an actual member on the site, but you'll get the idea.
I've said it once, I'll say it a bazillion times...internet dating is NOT for average-looking guys like me. Seems I'm too straight-laced for the quirky gals and too quirky for the straight-laced.
Fickle bitches.
Anyhoo, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

On your faux profile, "Also, I love the outdoors" would read funnier than, "I also love the outdoors"...in my opinion...which you didn't ask for, but you did allow for comments, so that is my comment.

[mario digiorgio] said...

I respect your opinion, but you're wrong.

If you "heard" it the way I do, you'd agree.