sweet tees

Photoshop is way cheaper than hiring models.

For those who don't know, I started designing and printing t-shirts about 7 years ago to supplement my income in between jokes. I've always been a fan of simple, one-color designs I used to wear as a kid...hence the name: One Kolor Designs.

"Why kolor? That's stupid."

No, you're stupid.  And "onecolor.com" was taken.

But it turns out I had fun making the logo, and I like the idea of a mousy, self-aware slogan like: "Welcome to One Kolor Designs...where all our designs are just OK."

There are more on the actual website, but here are a bunch for you to gawk at and quietly judge. I hand-print everything on American Apparel tees...the best shirts available, period.

So stick around and click around. And since I'm too poor for major advertising, pass along the link for your old pal, Mario.

(Click on any image to order)