Portland, Oregasm...

The rumors are true...Portland is gorgeous. And I've only seen a fraction of it.

Not to mention the buzz I've gotten from the food; the espresso; the adorably mousy gals who make the espresso; and the polite, receptive crowds at Helium Comedy Club.

I can bore you with landscape pics, but I'd rather bore you with random minutiae...

...and my sincere apologies to those who have ever met me.

Cool idea for a fence, sure, but how do you repair it?

"High on Life," said the flower-faced skull.

Here in Portland, even the bike racks get chilly.

Woo. Hoo. One copy of my book left at Powell's.
Let's pretend mine falls under "Proverbs."

It's true. My book is swollen.

Sidewalk movie quotes. RIP Dennis Hopper.

Random Roadtrip Pics

Outside the Denver Museum of Natural History. 

Bet you guys didn't know that buffalo and other wild game used to roam the high plains with well-dressed, vaguely ethnic business women.
"If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly!" 
-The black dude in Cannonball Run
RIP: Dragon P. Fly

9/10/2010 - 9/12/2010
Cause of Death: Hit and run
Suspect: 1994 Volvo wagon
Utah! Where the deer and the dinosaur plaaay...

Toledo Blows...

A glass museum in Toledo...who knew?
This windbag made a glass pitcher before our eyes. 

Road wisdom.
A Toledo mainstay...
Strawberry rhubarb and watered-down coffee...just delightful
Good advice, 'cos one time, Oscar got a hold of some kind bud and...
Awesome chili mac at Packo's...another Toledo must-eat.

Congratulations! You're pregnate!

Ohhh Tennessee, you make it too easy.

It's like a redneck text message.

Maybe they meant: "Impregnate Passenger" and forgot to write, "please."

It would've been extra hi-larious if they had a God is My Co-pilot bumper sticker.

In nine months, they'll change it to "Baby on Bored."