Comedy Condo Treasures...

Who needs cable? Our video library has everything from crap to shit.

Filed in order of testosterone. Not pictured: The Firm and K2: The Ultimate High.

Or perhaps you're more of a reader...

All I have to say is, the book is nothing like the movie...
...60 pages in and still no arm wrestling.

Just lots of "womanly heat."


What's the deal with erotic novels? Here is the deal with erotic novels:
  • I was a proofreader for an erotic novel publisher...we didn't have cubicles, we had stalls.
  • I read one to my girlfriend, and she got wet...'cos I spit when I talk. 
  • What's that spot, you ask? Let's call it a bookmark.
  • Hey smug parents, my "kids" started reading at a reeeeally young age.
  • I skip over the boring pages so I can get to the money-sentence.
  • Does that Kindle come with a squeegie?
  • Best. Book club. Ever.

See you next year, Little Rock. Maybe.


*Laughing my boner off