Big Nose Little Dog has been put to sleep...

...the brand name, that is. Not my actual, little dog.

Hard to believe I've been printing shirts for seven years. Then again, that's only one in bignoselittledog years...but I was overdue for a change.

And despite what your Grandpa in Phoenix thinks, change is good.

About the name, I've always been a fan of simple, one-color artwork on t-shirts, so it's the only method I use. I thought, why not market them that way? Might work. Might not.

"Why kolor? That's stupid."

No, you're stupid.  And "" was taken.

But it turns out I had fun making the logo, and I like the idea of a mousy, self-aware slogan like: "Welcome to One Kolor Designs...where all our designs are just OK."

Everything's Alright.

Redefining the term!

I still do all of the printing myself and continue to use American Apparel tees.

I'm also excited to be back in Parts and Labour on South Congress with 11 new designs. Perfect timing for the SXSW shoppers...a great barometer for what sells and what becomes a homemade Sham-Wow.

Anyhow, go check 'em out. Some are snarky. Some are inside jokes. Some don't mean a thing. Some make me look like the Marcel DuChamp of screen printing.

(Free shipping to anyone who gets that reference.)

Oh yeah, I also put up a Facebook page for One Kolor...the only place to hear about sales and out-of-print clearances. I'm just sayin' is all.

wholesale hugs and hickeys,

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