New Cynic's Guide is here!

Hello friends, fans and light readers...

They're heeeere...and they're super squishy!

The expanded edition of A Cynic's Guide to a Rich and Full Life won't hit bookstores until early March...BUT, you can be the first to own one if you order here.

You're right. That's pretty sweet.

A big box of wrong.

We went through two print runs of the original version, and decided to make the third pressing a bit thicker, squishier and...wrongerer. 

Here's a proper peek at the updated cover:

It contains 40 extra pages of eloquent filth, which include an additional 120+ hilariously inappropriate tips on how to dampen the days of those near and not so dear.

At the very least, you get a year's worth of snarky status updates.

(I also deleted about 30 excerpts so the folks who purchased the first edition don't feel gypped.)

You can order a copy on Amazon; Barnes & Noble, or from this website when it becomes available...which is now!

And if you purchase it here, I will sign it and give you a shiny, silver, laptop sticker. Same goes if you get one from me after a show. Check my calendar for dates.

My publisher is also working on an e-version of the book. Can't wait for that.

Hoo-ray, I say.


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